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From Character to Competency,
we help you elevate employee retention, engagement, and results.

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Don't Be Held Back By These 6 Challenges That Weaken Businesses

And it's costing you.

Underdeveloped Employees

Confusing Effort with Action and Results

Lack of Emotional Resilience

Avoiding Difficult Conversations

Inadequate Onboarding

Unnamed & Mis-aligned Values

Growing your organization with a coach means you go farther, faster. When we partner together, we will identify values of your organization, clarify how your employees can experience and share in success, shore up your teams so they're working well together to achieve optimal results, and challenge your leaders to grow both personally and professionally so that they're showing up as fully invested members of your business. Want to stop wondering how your business can advance and actually see it happen? Schedule an intake call today.

"Hiring Jeremiah as my coach saved me incalculable hours of working in the wrong direction. His coaching presence and questions created the space for me to get clear on what mattered most to me about my goals. Our sessions also allowed me to move past my biggest obstacles and get to the work itself. In addition to accomplishing my primary goal of our coaching sessions, I was also able to gain greater clarity in my vocation and career trajectory. I believe I will continue to experience the benefit of Jeremiah's coaching for years to come."

Hannah Stevens

Churches In Mission Director, Western Theological Seminary

Working with Kairos Endeavors is Easy


Schedule an Intake Call

In a 30-Minute intro call, you and I will talk about the results you want for your business and what's holding you back.


Partner Together

We'll keep talking, keep brainstorming, keep working through the best way to help your business grow and succeed. Your business is unique, so the solutions you need should be, too.


Experience Results

When you're ready, we'll put your plan into action. Whether it's a weekend workshop, coaching, or leadership development, you'll see the results you need to build the business you want.


My name is Jeremiah Ritchie.

I'm the founder and CEO of Kairos Endeavors. I have two decades of experience in non-profit, family owned, and retail businesses.


I founded Kairos Endeavors because I believe employees deserve organizations that invest in their growth and development. In turn, the organization deserves the best results that employees can offer.

We're all in this. Together.


Building a Successful Business is Hard.
You Don't Have to Do It Alone.

Embarking on the journey of building a successful business can be a formidable challenge. You’ve crafted a strategic plan, honed your marketing, and feel confident in your cash flow management and finances. Unfortunately, many businesses still struggle even when they’re making all the right moves. Why? Because they’re only as good as the leaders and employees who make the business work. When they’re not fully engaged and seeking the same results you are, the business will struggle.

Consider this: You've sought guidance from a golf instructor when you have the yips, a fitness trainer when you want to build a strong, flexible, and healthy body, and mechanic when you can’t identify the weird clunking noise from the back or the dashboard light that tells you something isn’t working as well as it should. So, why not enlist the expertise of a business coach to fortify and enhance your business, ensuring its prosperity and contributing to an improved quality of life for everyone involved?

At Kairos Endeavors we bring forth two decades of leadership experience across non-profit, family-owned, and retail sectors. Our specialization lies in collaborating with organizations and executives, dedicating ourselves to elevate talent retention, foster employee engagement, and generate tangible results.

Working with us is simple. Just schedule an intake call where I'll ask you some powerful questions that will help to clarify your specific needs and spark your imagination of what might be. From there we'll partner together to tease out all the different ways your business could experience real and lasting growth. No pushy sales calls or pre-packaged, "one-size-fits-all" solution. When you're ready to make a financial commitment, you'll know it's exactly what you're business needs. And we'll be ready to help.

Without a coach you may just be spinning your wheels, driving in circles, and stuck with the same frustrations over and over again. With a coach, you'll be collaboratively building on the experience of others so that your business can become everything you want it to be.

Schedule your intake call today and let's get started building a business you and your team can be proud of. To schedule your intake call, click HERE.

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